Software Development

Software Development

Kinetic Enterprise offers full-scale software development services in various application development environments. Our expertise spread over a wide spectrum of programming languages.

Our expertise is developing a client-server application under Visual Basic and Oracle database environment Visual Basic, Oracle developers/2000, power builder, C, C++, JAVA. Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, FoxPro. OLE custom controls, OLE automation servers Distributed N-tier computing architectures, web-enabled / intranet-enabled applications.

Our pragmatic approach to systems development and effective client participative project management ensures optimal use of resources and facilities hassle-free system implementation. Points of sale software and Reports:

REPORTS Inter POS software allows you to make the following types of analysis.

  • Sales analysis
  • Product analysis
  • Stock entry analysis
  • Waste analysis
  • Returned goods analysis
  • Lay-by-analysis
  • Credit analysis
  • Simple accounts analysis
  • Employee productivity
  • In-house accounts analysis
  • Tax analysis
  • Transactions analysis

The Analysis can be made based on the following criteria:

  • Data and time period
  • Product code, group, and supergroup
  • Customer
  • Salesperson
  • Account
  • Employee
  • Types of payment
  • Terminal
  • Sale type
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